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I'm Perfectly Fine: Burnout Diary

Character Posing Artist:
Ylva Ernst

Dario van Vree

Art director:
Maaike Hartjes

~30 minutes

I'm Perfectly Fine - Burnout Diary is a short movie produced by Studio Pupil and based on the graphic novel, Burnout Diary by Maaike Hartjes, and follows our lead character Maya as she struggles with her own expectations of herself.

The amazing thing about Burnout Diary is that I had the fortune to be able to help work on it from a very early stage in the production, and thus have been able to closely follow along with the whole production. I've had the pleasure of helping with the pitch trailer, before getting hired as the sole character posing artist immediately after graduation. It was a very fun experience and I learned a lot over the 7 months I was hired.

As one of the few people working on the pre-production at the time, a lot of tasks got assigned to me. So besides doing most of the posing on the movie, I also got to make all the character sheets, prop sheets, help make revisions to the animatic and set up some of the guidelines for the animation Bible.

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