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Down In The Dumps

Character Animator:
Ylva Ernst and Jing Yue Zwaan

Vera van Wolferen

Animation Suprivisor:
Jasper Kuipers

Project Type:
Digital Cut-out Animation
Stop Motion

~16 minutes

Down In The Dumps is an short 16 minutes children's animation directed by Vera van Wolferen, which uses a combination of real life paper sets and objects that have been stopmotion animated, and character animation that are made with digital cut-out animation. The story is about a cockroach named Peri and a ladybug named Cinelli, that learn the value of each other's lifestyles.

I've been very fortunate to have been allowed to work on this animation as one of the sole character animators together with Jing Yue Zwaan. Before starting this project, I hadn't had a lot of experience with digital cut-out animation, only starting to really teach myself one month beforehand. Still, Vera had faith in my abilities and I don't at all feel like I've been dissapointing her!

But besides getting to do almost all of the character animation for Cinelli, I have also been allowed to put some finishing touches on the character designs and got to make all the character sheets for the puppets.

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